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What do we offer?

No More Middle Man

Stop letting the banks make money off your money.

Team Building

Step by Step Training and Education and Team building exercises

Financial Freedom

Learn how you can make your money make money for you.

Mindset Conditioning

Meditation Live in the Morning for a mind set conditioning strategy


Submit your business to the Crypto Bonanzas team.

Strategies + Resources

Marketing Strategies and Resources to help you grow within the system

Step 1

Download and Create Your Klever Wallet

Download the Klever Wallet app from your App store or Google Play Store & Create A New Wallet

If you are experiencing any problems purchasing Tron or downloading Klever wallet, please reach out to us at or fill out our contact form by clicking “contact” at the top of the page

Steps to Create Wallet

How to Create Your Klever Wallet

Step 2

Which Level Do You Want To Start With?

Remember, the higher you start, the more you earn when you share this with others, 50% 2 levels down!!

Join at levels 1-4 and receive this FREE Gift package. An almost $600 value!!!
Join at Levels 5 or above and receive this FREE gift package. An almost $1200 value!!!

Important Message

Be Sure and Add In An Extra 200 Tron For Gas Fees


Numbers Represent buying BOTH X3 and X4

Step 3

Convert Your TRON Level to USD and purchase TRON
Purchase Tron & Send to Your Wallet
Click to purchase Tron. You’ll be redirected to Switchere. You will need your Tron Wallet Address.

Step 4

Send Tron to Your Wallet
Copy your TRX address from the Main Account screen in the TRX Klever Wallet by clicking “receive” or the icon to the right of Main Account is the “copy” icon. Switchere will need your TRX receiving address to send the TRX directly into your wallet.
Your wallet is now funded and you are one step closer to financial freedom with Crypto Bonanzas. Click “I’ve Funded My Wallet” to receive your next steps.

Crypto Bonanzas is a Crypto marketplace that houses vetted crypto currency platforms. Those platforms that have been tried and proven to bring financial success.