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Crypto Bonanzas is a Crypto marketplace that houses vetted crypto currency platforms. Those platforms that have been tried and proven to bring financial success.


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In this digital age, payment has taken a lot of forms and using crypto (digital currencies) is becoming more popular and more accepted in different countries around the world, and is moving at a very fast pace.

Crypto Currency Marketplace

All-in-one Crypto Currency Marketplace

Online wallet

A digital place to hold your crypto coins. It updates in real-time and keeps a ledger of all transactions.

Mobile App

An industry leading mobile app, which will provide you access to cryptocurrency earning platforms

Instant Payments

Direct peer to peer payouts with no waiting involved. Funds are directly transferred from one wallet to the next


Earn rewards when you hold your coins! Get the right techniques to do so!

Fast & Secure

Decentralization equals greater security, diversified control!

24/7 support

We are here to help and support you on your crypto earning journey.


Crypto Bonanzas Roadmap

Onboard to Forsagetron on at least level 2 (can join at a higher level and is recommended). Eight members under you on Forsagetron unlocks the next platform, Bitlocity.

Bitlocity--purchasing the Amber package or higher and having at least 3 people under you unlocks the next platform which is G999
G999 ---Purchasing the Brand Advantage Package, having at least 12 people under you that have also purchased a Brand Advantage package, unlocks F2S
F2S—Having at least 5 levels down with 2 members each, unlocks the next platform, Daisy

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Here’s what to do now to start earning TODAY!

Step 1

Download and Create Your Klever Wallet

Step 2

Which Level Do You Want To Start With?

Step 3

Convert Your TRON Level to USD and purchase TRON

Step 4

Send Tron to Your Wallet with TRX address

Step 5

Joining Forsagetron – Dashboard with Referral

Step 6

Join us to be pioneers of cryptocurrency multilevel marketing. Many have benefited from these opportunities and have profited and now it’s YOUR turn.  

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What our community members tell about us

Crypto Bonanzas will take all the worry and guesswork out of your blockchain and cryptocurrency concerns. Sugah knows what you need to know about crypto currency to take advantage of this evolutionary technology, you can't go wrong with the team!!!
- Timmathy Muise
"Would absolutely recommend anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and navigating crypto markets to check out these guys! Crypto Bonanzas helped me in getting to work right away in the crypto currency market"
- Rhonda Bells
"Very knowledgeable and helpful with navigating crypto and blockchain currency. I highly recommend Crypto Bonanzas. Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism during my training. I have learnt so much in such a short time about the cryptocurrency world."
- Amy Miller

Crypto Bonanzas is a Crypto marketplace that houses vetted crypto currency platforms. Those platforms that have been tried and proven to bring financial success.